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There is a good chance you have never heard of me. But perhaps you have heard my work. My name is Michiel van Poelgeest (1982) and I’m a Dutch composer and sound designer. I create musical compositions and sound landscapes for (visual) media, from commercials to documentaries, to podcasts and animations. Check out my work page if you are interested in learning about my clients and projects. Besides Klaenk, I have an ongoing musical collaboration with fellow composer Sebastian Watzinger, who resides in California. Together we’re called SWMP.

Props in musicland

Before becoming a professional sound designer and media composer, I spent my nights on stage or in the practice room, playing piano and doing backing vocals in several (cover) bands. A little later, I released an album of my own under the pseudonym Villeneuf. A second album would later follow. Villeneuf did allright! We toured the country, played countless venues, and performed on live television during prime time. Oh and this one time, a cool website called The Quiet Us mentioned something nice about me.


My musical education started when I was seven years old and my parents decided it was time for me to take up piano lessons. Thanks mom and dad! For about ten years I studied the keys, until it was time for me to cut the chord and start writing my own stuff (speaking of chords..). Meanwhile, I’m a father of three and happily married to the love of my life. And I still play piano.